Services - Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Server maintenance allows the computer networks to operate smoothly. This will result software applications to run efficiently. The maintenance of the server depends on the performance of the network and is controlled by network administrator. If the server is not maintained properly, the software will not run smoothly or network will fail partially. The server is maintained by taking some security measures. For this, the administrator always monitors the performance of the server and creates a backup for the new implementations. In server maintenance, the administrator has to check the permissions assigned to the folders, space availability in hard disk, tracking log files in the server and many more. The most important part is the temperature of the server that is monitored on daily basis. If the server becomes hot, then it can impact the core equipments such as motherboard, memory and central processing unit (CPU).

The administrator installs security patches on the computers within the network. This will help him to track down the server log of the hacked computer. He also updates the antivirus on the computers for security purpose. If the administrator wants to install any hardware component during server maintenance, he will perform this action after working hours of the company.