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Anand Chhatbar: Director

Anand Chhatbar is the founder director of Malay Infotech and has shaped the company's growth since August 2007. Under Anand's exemplary leadership, the company has grown from a four people single technology unit to more than Twenty Five people multiple technology organization. He shares responsibility for Malay's day-to-day operations with Tanushree Chhatbar.

A programmer by heart and an entrepreneur by profession, Anand brings to Malay Infotech an explosive blend of creativity and strong analytical mind.

Anand has special acumen to blend business objectives with tangible profitable solutions for clients. His passionate commitment and personal involvement ensure that Malay Infotech continues to provide agile, robust and innovative solutions.

He is a Technology expert and has previously held positions as Ex-Senior Scientist of ATIRA (Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association). His endeavor is to lead the team in pursuit of the highest quality online shopping experience.