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Custom Programming

Web design is an art of presenting content in hypertext and html format that is delivered to an audience through online platform such as Web browser or other Web-based software like Internet TV, micro blogging sites and RSS readers. The core objective of web designer is to create a user friendly website which can store electronic documents and business applications on Web server. Through web designing an individual can add elements like text, images and any other forms using HTML/XHTML/XML Tags. Professional web designers can create interactive applications such animation, graphics, video and sound which require Adobe Flash, QuickTime, Java plug-ins which are added in website pages by using HTML/XHTML tags.

The website designs should be browser compliant and need to meet W3C guidelines with the help of CSS, XML coding to build web page features. Latest web design standards and proposals formulated to deliver vast variety of information and provide accessibility options to the client possibly without any installation of unsafe plug-ins. The web page can be static page which is simple HTML page where the administrator doesn’t change the content as well as layout too often. Dynamic page can be described as the page which changes content and structure depending on business requirement. The changes can be done by using complex applications by leveraging client side scripting languages like JavaScript or server-side scripting languages such PHP, ASP and Perl.